Meet Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (BoD) is the highest decision-making collective in the Chapter, responsible for vision-setting and the overall direction of the Chapter. They are typically supported by sub-committees made up of volunteers. All the members of the board are elected to the board every two (2) years. The Board, at its discretion, selects the President of the Chapter. All our BoDs are volunteers.

Morongwa Golekanye

Morongwa Golekanye is highly experienced in Business Analysis with over 13 years of experience in various industries. With a track record of driving organizational growth and fostering a culture of innovation. 

Morongwa thrives in dynamic environments where she can leverage her keen business acumen to navigate complex challenges. Morongwa's ability to inspire and motivate teams, coupled with her knack for cultivating stakeholder relationships, enables Morongwa to effectively steer organisations toward their goals.

Morongwa is responsible for driving the Chapter's professional development agenda.

Babalwa Matyila

Babalwa Matyila, is a results-oriented knowledge worker with a track record of providing business analysis services provision across various industries. She is a firm believer in empowering people to leverage their authenticity to positively influence and impact the workplace, community, and family.

A seasoned service-oriented professional who is enthusiastic about problem-solving, leadership development, personal mastery, and the advancement of people. Her love for lifelong learning keeps her interested in adopting innovative ways of doing things.
Babalwa looks after our growing community outreach program.

Christelle Govender

Christelle is a process-driven and technical Business Analyst who specializes in developing and testing software service delivery strategies that align with organizational goals.

Christelle leverages her expertise, confidence, and result-driven mindset to provide value-driven solutions that benefit clients and businesses alike. Christelle is a conscientious leader with highly developed people skills who continuously ensures optimal growth for clients, stakeholders, and team members, embodying excellence in every aspect of her work.
Christelle is a steward of our Brand portfolio, on a mission to propel the IIBA brand to new heights, both nationally and internationally.

Zilumkile James

Zilumkile James is an accomplished Business Analysis Professional with over a decade of multifaceted experience spanning various sectors. Zilumkile currently serves as a Practice Lead for Business Analysis at a distinguished consulting firm.

Zilumkile plays a pivotal role in spearheading teams and initiatives focused on optimizing business processes and enhancing operational efficiencies. Her career trajectory reflects not only a depth of experience but also a passion for continuous learning. 

Zilumkile is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with active and potential partners and sponsors of the IIBA-SA.

Tshepo Matjila

Tshepo Matjila has had a colourful career starting as an IT Auditor before becoming a Business Analyst, a Management Consultant, and a Program Manager.

Tshepo enjoys solving problems and learning from others. He is a keen listener and an explorer. When he is not solving human and technology issues, he enjoys solving livestock problems as a budding farmer.
Tshepo is responsible for leading the executive board in driving the vision and implementing strategy.

Lesego Siti

Lesego Siti is a seasoned Senior Business Analyst specializing in data project implementation and innovative insurance solutions. 

Driven by the belief that technology can enhance lives, Lesego has led software development projects across various sectors. Beyond her professional role, Lesego is deeply committed to assisting individuals in discovering their true passions.

As the Member and Volunteer Experience Portfolio executive, Lesego is committed to cultivating a sense of belonging within the community.

Lara Sueltz

Lara Sueltz is an experienced Agile Business Analyst having worked in the Information Technology and Services industry for nearly 25 years. 

Lara's IT journey started accidentally in an IT Call Centre for Old Mutual at their Head offices in Pinelands, Cape Town and from there she moved purposefully into Server Management as a Senior Systems Engineer. 
Lara is passionate about getting people to collaborate as healthy teams to deliver amazing products and services, as well as growing, mentoring, and coaching people - most especially those just entering the IT/Software industry.
Lara is our operations director and ensures the smooth running of the Board as the Secretary.

Our History & Purpose

Our story started over 15 years ago when a founding team led by Steve Erlank (Left photo) chartered the South Africa Chapter after a few years of organising the business analysis community in South Africa.

What followed was nothing short of visionary leadership as subsequent presidents stood on the shoulders of our forebears to build an inclusive and diverse chapter that is revered by one and all.
Our Board of Directors (BoD) is nominated by members to join the board. They are eligible to serve one two-year term and can stand for re-election once.
All our board members (BoD) are volunteers, driven by passion to advance business analysis in South Africa.


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