IIBA-SA New Leadership Structure

The board of the South African chapter of International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®-SA) met recently to discuss and ratify key decisions relating to the structure of the board.  The current board members were elected to office at the 2014 AGM and are still serving their two year terms. The elected officials were ratified by a quorum at the 2015 AGM.  As per the bylaws, movements between positions are permitted during the year.  The next board election will take place towards the end of 2016.

The board has met and approved a new set of four directors who have taken office in their new roles as of the 1st of February 2016.  In addition to the four elected officials there will also be a panel of non-executive directors.  An announcement will be made during the 1st quarter as to the individuals who will occupy these non-executive positions.  The board will be supported by a volunteer committee of both senior and junior volunteers. 

As it currently stands the below individuals will make up the 2016 executive board.

Ryan Folster 
Lucy Davies  
Janet Wood
Trevor Joubert

Key changes will see Janet Wood move from President to Secretary and Ryan Folster take over this role.  Ryan has been involved in the chapter for the past 4 years in various roles including Sandton branch chairman and Technology and Social Media. 

Trevor Joubert will remain as the Treasurer to ensure that the required level of financial governance remains during the transition. 

Lucy Davies, who has been instrumental in the success of the chapter over the years, has taken on the challenge in a new role as the Head of Operations.  This role will manage the operational aspects of the chapter including all events and volunteers.  Lucy is the longest standing board member and will be an integral part of the chapter going forward.
We had two resignations during the 2015 period: Lesley Blencowe and Agnesia Agrella. 

Lesley has been involved in the chapter for many years and has served as Chapter Secretary for most of that time.  Lesley’s contribution was and will continue to be the foundation on which the chapter operates. She has graciously agreed to become a non-executive director.  She will join other thought leaders in a non-executive capacity to be announced shortly. 

Agnesia Agrella ran the membership portfolio and provided support during the transition to the new membership system.  She has decided to work outside of South Africa and focus on other aspects of her career.

The restructure of the board and its operating model is the first step in an exciting new strategic journey.  Details of this will be periodically announced and communicated to the members. 

There has never been a better time to be a Business Analyst and we are excited for the future of the South African Chapter.