Lucy Davies and Lesley Blencowe awarded the Steve Erlank award for service to Business Analysis

We proudly announce the winners of a new industry award presented at the Business Analysis Summit Southern Africa held 12 to 14 September 2016.
At the Networking cocktail function, on the 13th of September, Lucy Davies and Lesley Blencowe were awarded the Steve Erlank award for service to business analysis.  The inaugural award was jointly presented by Ryan Folster and Steve Erlank to two deserving recipients. The cocktail function, following a full day of presentations, was a glitzy event, the perfect venue and timing to announce this exciting and prestigious new award. Unfortunately, Lesley is Cape Town based but she was streamed in live on a screen to receive her award.
Background on the Reward:
Ryan Folster, President of the IIBA-SA chapter, described the origin of the award as follows: “The Steve Erlank award was founded in 2016 as a way to honour Steve Erlank.
Steve was the founding president of the South African chapter of IIBA and an integral part in building the community and practice of business analysis in South Africa.  He served as president for six years providing thought leadership and insights that allowed the IIBA-SA chapter to grow to where it is today. He introduced the SA community to the world through his many appearances at international conferences and events. 
This award will be presented annually, to individuals that go beyond their day to day job to help build the business analysis profession and give back to the community. “
Steve Erlank especially made the trip to Johannesburg to be present for the ceremony.  He gratefully described the opportunity to be associated with this prestigious award as a “huge honour and privilege”.  He describes his role over the last two decades spent teaching, researching and practising Business Analysis (especially in contributing to the development of the profession in South Africa and abroad) as “only a small part”.  His passion for creating this recognition stemmed from observing and interacting with the many people who have devoted many hours, selflessly and over a long period of time, to the cause.  
As he aptly summarises: “Where I have been able to lead, it is only because I have been supported by extraordinary people.   So while I am grateful for this huge and unexpected honour, I am even more pleased that it will be used to recognise some of the many champions whose work behind the scenes so often goes unnoticed.    They are the reason that Business Analysis is strong in South Africa; they are the reason that the SA Chapter of the IIBA is so highly regarded; they are the reason why it will endure.”  
Background on the Recipients:
Lesley Blencowe:  
Lesley joined both IIBA International and the IIBA SA Chapter in 2007, and attended the first kick-off session for IIBA-SA in 2007 at Breakwater Lodge at the Waterfront. Lesley joined the IIBA-SA Board in 2008 as Company Secretary, a position she held until 2014. In the Company Secretary role she was instrumental in the governance for the IIBA-SA Chapter, designing the first Chapter structure,  getting the IIBA-SA by-laws ratified, and organising 7 AGM’s and IIBA-SA elections for Board position.
Lesley has had her CBAP® since 2008, and has successfully submitted 2 recertification’s since then. She has run numerous workshops in Cape Town to assist business analysts to complete the CBAP Certification application. 
During 2015 Lesley spent a year in the Professional Development portfolio.  Lesley has always kept her membership current and now is on the non-Exec Board for IIBA-SA to help guide and strategize for the Board.
Lucy Davies:  
Lucy joined IIBA International in 2007 and attended the first kick-off session for the SA Chapter of IIBA (IIBA-SA) in 2007 at Nedbank Offices in Sandton. Lucy coordinated events being hosted in Sandton and Johannesburg.
Lucy was on the Johannesburg Branch Events Committee several years before moving to Board portfolios of Membership, Professional Development and Company Secretary. Lucy currently holds the Operational Portfolio position on the Board.
Lucy has her CBAP® and has hosted and presented various events in Sandton,  Johannesburg and Cape Town, including BASSA 2012, 2015 and BA Summit 2016.
Lucy and Lesley were both part of the team that realised an ambition, and brought a Business Analysis conference to South Africa for the first time!  Lucy has served on the organising committee for all 5 of the BA conferences, while Lesley has been involved with 3. Both Lesley and Lucy attended BBC (Building Business Capability) in Florida, USA in 2011 and forged relationships with the IIBA Board and other Chapter heads around the world.