So you're an analyst...a good become a certified professional

What makes a profession? Peers, Acknowledgement, Standards and Shared language. The IIBA's certification encapsulates all of these elements but the certification journey can be a daunting one especially if you try to do it all by yourself.
Many practitioners have doubts that delay progress or experience challenges that in hindsight seem trivial.  Don't you wish you could hear someone openly share details of their certification experience even if  only to provided a baseline or a confirmation that you are on the right track?

IIBA South Africa Chapter has created a platform that allows certified professionals to share their certification journey and answer any questions the community may have regarding IIBA certification. Don't let doubts or questions delay your certification progress.  This platform takes form as an online webinar series hosted by Giovanni Focaraccio (CBAP®).  Each event will also see other certified professionals join the session to answer your questions and provide their first-hand insights as they share their experience of preparing for their CBAP® or CCBA® certification.

The first session will feature Giovanni as he hosts Francious Combrink (CBAP®) and James Neethling (CBAP®) on the 24th of February from 18h00.

It's a free webinar and there is no catch. IIBA South Africa is a growing community of business analysis practitioners who are just like you, who want to meet you, share with you and learn from you.

Register now by clicking here and take the next step towards becoming a professional in your field.