IIBA-SA webinar series lands new title sponsor - GetSmarter

In line with their mission to improve lives through better education, GetSmarter is a proud sponsor of the IIBA®-SA’s webinar series that supports Business Analysts on their certification journey and elevates the business analysis industry.
The first session is on the 23rd of February and can be found online at
At the end of this series, you’ll stand a chance to win a spot on the University of Cape Town Business Systems Analysis online short course, valued at R14,900.
GetSmarter collaborates with the world’s leading universities to offer premium online short courses to working professionals looking to set themselves apart in competitive fields.
The company’s Brand Manager, Claire Butler, says, “At GetSmarter one of our values is Honour Learning, and we're excited about the opportunity the IIBA®-SA webinar series offers to attendees to learn more about this booming and necessary field - which we're invested in growing through our online short course with the University of Cape Town.”
Business systems analysis is emerging as a clearly defined profession with a professional body (the IIBA®) that sets the international standard of business
analysis. For those in the BSA profession, this course will give you the opportunity to formalise your training, and will provide you with both technical skills and practical experience that you can apply immediately and with confidence.
 Francois Combrinck Head of Professional Development for IIBA®-SA described the decision for this partnering as follows:
“Innovation is central to business success and survival and it requires two things: strategic vision and creating an environment conducive to internal changes and advances.  Business analysis done well is central to defining that strategic vision and facilitating that change.  
How do we do business analysis well? We start with some training. We go back to the field and apply what we learned and gain some experience and learn some hard lessons about what works and what doesn't work. We go back and train some more and apply some more and we keep on doing this for as long as we want stay relevant in our field. There is always something new to learn, some new exciting way to think about an old problem. 
When Pablo Casals, the legendary cellist, was asked at the age of 93 why he still practices 3 hours a day, he answered: ‘Because I am beginning to notice some improvement.’
Training, expertly delivered and enthusiastically received, enlivens us to new paradigms and expands our horizons. For us, this enlivening and expanding means greater Business Analysis and ultimately, greater business.”
Certification Webinars Plan for the year (we will confirm dates closer to the time):

  • March  -  ECBA Certification
  • April  -  Re-certification
  • May  -  CBAP / CCBA Certification
  • June  -  ECBA Certification
  • July  -  None at present
  • August -  CBAP / CCBA Certification
  • Sept  -  None at present
  • October  -  Re-certification 
  • November – CBATL Certification
  • December  - None at present

Background on the Facilitator: Paul Benn will host the webinars. Having over 16 years’ experience as a BA and recently completing his Advanced Diploma in Project Management at UCT/GetSmarter, he is already involved in the helping, coaching and mentoring of the BA team within his organisation and implementing new techniques to help his teams to grow.
Paul started his career in the financial industry on the operations side, but soon afterwards got involved in an implementation project that launched his career as a BA. He studied at FTI to get his formal qualifications and has worked on many projects from Data warehousing to Software Implementation, to Software development projects and Mobile applications, and he has robust experience to reference.  We asked him a few questions to extrapolate his view on the upcoming webinars:
Q)        What in your viewpoint makes the webinar series, a value add for other Business Analysts? 
A)        If you are looking to further your career, fine tune your skills, improve your earning capability and possibly even learn new techniques, thoughts and ideas, then this webinar will give the starting point for that journey.  The webinars will introduce you to the family of BAs that are there to support, help and grow each other.
Q)        Why do you recommend buying out the time to attend?
A)        If you are considering becoming part of the BA family or if you want to look at the next step of certification to further your career, then this webinar will be a good place to start.
Q)        What are you excited about for this launch?
A)        For me, I have just become an IIBA member and started working towards my CBAP®.  I am excited to share my journey so far and also the fact that I am hosting the event.
Q)        How do we address any questions post and pre the webinar with you?
A)        IIBA-SA has a presence on LinkedIn or Facebook.  Also delegates may send me a message via LinkedIn, so connect with me there. 
Q)        How would you describe your interactive style?
A)        - Persuading and involving others.
- Love facilitating and aim to inspire others to move to action, or facilitating the process. I have an expressive style with an upbeat energy, enthusiasm, or excitement, which can be contagious or too much for some. 
- Exploring options and possibilities, making preparations, discovering new ideas, and sharing insights to get people moving along. 
- I want decisions to be participative and enthusiastic, with everyone involved and engaged.
Q)        What value in your opinion is this series offering to members of IIBA?
A)        It will give you the opportunity to join and experience an international community, to see how to further improve the value you as a BA can add to your profession.
For more information on our title sponsor, visit GetSmarter’s website or contact them on 021 447 7565.