New Year, New Us and things like that

I find it so interesting that people can wake up 24 hours from the day before and feel like this is the start of something new and fresh, but the beginning of a new year does just that!

Most people wake up on the first of January each year full of new ideals and zeal to bravely declare to self, and sometimes others, that they are now new beings, with new energies, and new possibilities. Who can blame them? Hope is one of life’s greatest limitless supplies.

According to a Forbes Health/ OnePoll a "survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted in October 2023 found that nearly 48% of respondents noted that improving fitness was their top priority, with just 36% focusing on their mental health” as their resolution.

We recently ran a poll on LinkedIn asking our community if they believed that new year’s resolutions help them stay focused on their goals and stuff. A resounding 71% of respondents admitted to making new year resolutions (see below) and they believe that resolutions keep them focused.

Another interesting fact from a Lead Read Today publication states that research shows that over 91% of Americans who make new year’s resolutions fail to achieve them.

It would be interesting to get a sense as to what most of their goals for this year are. Another interesting factoid would be to run another poll to see how many of them would still be on track to achieving their resolution goals at the end of June and by end of December 2024.

Does the Chapter make any new year's resolutions?

As a Chapter we also make resolutions.

Maybe not on the first of January, but we do. We call these resolutions "STRATEGY". Strategy is a co-created plan designed by the leadership team and a great way for the chapter to articulate focus areas and goals, given certain constraints.

Strategy forces us to think on programs, people, key results and the investments we need to make to ensure that our “goals'' come true. But like new year’s resolutions, strategy design is way easier (and more prettier) than strategy implementation. (Cont..)  "New Year, New Us" and things like that | LinkedIn